Highland Fellowship



Hi there and welcome! We see you've found our little church. We're just a small group of believers currently in the planting stage (meaning we're a church in the making) located in the Highland Park neighborhood of St. Paul MN. We get together regularly to share many joys, struggles, and the delicious food of life. We're little, a little strange, and none of us are the same, but we have a big God whom we're excited to serve by serving others. We'd love to meet you!





experience Change

Our Vision is to bring the Gospel to the community of Highland Park in St. Paul, Minnesota. We want to see people experience a head, heart, and hand change. We believe that change looks like a church that:

  • Knows God (head change) 
  • Loves God (heart change) 
  • Serves God (hand change) 

We believe that this can only be done by the power of God. 


Church for the city

We want to be a church for the city. There are four kinds of churches in the city. A church in the city is one that meets and has services in the city, but is not involved in the life of the city. A church against the city is a church that wars against anything the city is doing. A church of the city looks no different from city. It has let the world take over the church. A church for the city is a resource of truth for the city, and is involved and cares for the spiritual and physical needs of the neighborhood. If you would like more information about what our group believes, check out this link to the Baptist Faith and Message. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us



small group

If you haven’t guessed it already, we are small. Small is where nurturing happens. The backbone of our community are modest groups of people that get to know one another on an intimate level, like a second home. We seek to be vulnerable by sharing our joys, our struggles, or dessert, and humbling ourselves through prayer, worship, and support. There’s a fancy old word for that called FELLOWSHIP. But all in all, we’re just people, living life together.

Sometimes it’s awkward. Sometimes it’s awesome.

Small things tend to grow when nurtured. People multiply into families. Trees spread out to be forests. Small groups knit together to become a worshiping body of believers.  Don’t let small and vulnerable be intimidating. We would love to welcome you into our growing family. Contact us here if you're interested.




Our pastor


Jim Peterson

Our fearless leader! Ok he's human actually, but we like him. Jim and his wife Vanessa heard the call to plant a church in early 2015 and took the daring step towards building a community. Jim served for five years as an associate pastor working with youth and young adults before planting Highland Fellowship. This experience burned in him a passion for teaching God’s Word and discipleship.

He has earned a Master in Theological Studies from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Jim and Vanessa live in St. Paul with their two sons, Judah and Ephraim. If you’d like to get to know Jim more or ask any questions, you can email him.






Alright alright, enough about ourselves. Who are you? We'd like the chance to get to know you, and if you’re ready, then go ahead and send us a message below. We'll be in touch about how we can pray, serve or support you and, of course, you're invited to come over. 





giving And Serving

If you're passionate and want to support our small cause (with a big God, don't forget), we'd love to have you. We believe that support comes in many forms, primarily giving and serving. If you'd like to give through time, talents, or gifts, feel free to contact us.  But above all us, we ask for you to give through prayer. Thank you!